Xinda Wang

O-cha: a study on teaware typologies

O-cha is a contemporary tea set that wants to re-introduce the posture of tea drinking. 

The original form of Chinese tea sets contains a gaiwan, the brewing vessel, and 3 tea cups. All the vessels used to be held with finger tips and grasped by hands.Those vessels were introduced to the western world during the 18th century’s porcelain trade. Handles were add onto tea sets because the handless design was giving people a hard time to hold without proper instructions. The dedication while using tea sets has changed ever since. Made from white oak and porcelain, O-cha invites people to serve and drink from the palms of their hands. O-cha intends to bring old gestures back to the tea drinking ritual. Meanwhile, it also recalls the intimacy and delicacy between people and tea. 

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